[first]We had the Vaane’s, a lovely Dutch family of 6, staying with us Saturday night. The senior couple in the group used to come and stay at the hotel every year for about 20 years in a row. They are both now 95 years old and haven’t been able to return for 12 or so years until this weekend.[/first]

When they were here in 1994 they visited Arduaine Garden and a photographer took a photo of them sitting on a bench. This photo was turned into a postcard.

Mr and Mrs Vanne sitting on a bench in Arduaine Garden in 1994

Mrs Vaane came and told Sarah at Reception all about their visits over the years and how wonderful it was to be able to return again after all this time. She has very treasured memories of staying at Loch Melfort and was so happy it hadn’t changed too much.

Despite old age meaning they couldn’t walk very far, they were determined to go back to the garden and try and find the same bench. Sarah helped them arrange to borrow the wheelchair from the garden so that they could make it down there and find the same bench.

Mr and Mrs Vanne on the same bench in 2014

They were such a lovely family and so very happy to be here together again.