Winter on Scotland’s West Coast is often associated with blustery days and dark nights. However, as the festive period approaches, Oban has a wonderful list of activities (both indoors and out), to ensure you enjoy the best of the spectacular Scottish Winter. Here’s a list of our favourite things to do in Oban in Winter 2018. Oban Winter Festival

Oban Winter Festival 2018

One of the most talked about festivals on the West coast of Scotland during Winter, the Oban Winter Festival celebrates the season with a 10-day celebration. Sip on mulled wine whilst you enjoy the extensive variety of entertainment on offer. Gin tasting, fashion shows, craft markets, film screenings, live music, shortbread competitions, Christmas cake workshop and roller discos; just a few of the activities sure to keep you amused for hours! The festival mainly takes place in Oban town centre, making it easy to move from place to place.

Go wildlife spotting

Whilst many UK locations see wildlife retire into hibernation during the Winter season, Argyll’s coast benefits from the heat of the Gulf streams. These warmer waters allow islands otters to begin their breeding season, meaning visitors benefit from a rare seasonal experience. Mountain hares are a regal sight, sporting their winter coats which help them to fight off the frosty weather. Oban in Winter is a wildlife photographer’s dream and it is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of red deer bounding across the crisp landscapes. Otter in Scotland

A day trip to Old Inverlochy Castle

Just an hour and a half’s drive up the scenic Scottish coast, Old Inverlochy castle is one of Scotland’s best kept 13th century castle ruin sites. Despite the castle being the site of two battles, it remains largely unchanged since its construction and, as a result, it’s one of our top historical places to visit near Oban. In stark contrast, 19th century Inverlochy Castle (just two miles down the road from the old site), is a gloriously indulgent castle to stop for lunch before exploring its grand grounds.

Oban Star Gazing

The North West of Scotland is the ideal place to admire the skies at night. Did you know that Scotland has one of the lowest numbers in Europe for people per square kilometre? As a result of less people, night sky gazers benefit from less light pollution. With 17 acres of gardens and beach to enjoy an evening stroll, our very own hotel surroundings are a great place to grab a blanket and head out to enjoy the stars and planets.

Practice your photography skills

The colder temperatures in Oban in Winter can be a photographer’s dream! The cold can create a sharper image and better quality of photo by increasing the clarity in the air. Scotland’s changeable conditions at this time of year makes for an endless list of unpredictable photo opportunities, offering unique wildlife activity and changes in landscape.

Take a Whisky Tour

Everybody knows that Scotland is famous for its whiskies. The country is famed for its flavours created by the dramatic variety of landscapes. Oban is not a place to be missed on the whisky tour list. The distillery here is one of the oldest sources of Single Malt Whisky. A tour offers you an immersive experience into the whisky making process, nestled beneath the steep cliffs that overlook some of the best Oban points of interest. Take advantage of our special rates just before, in-between or after Christmas and Hogmanay.