Loch Melfort Oban Hotel, White wine

The Lorentz family began making their fine wine back in 1836 in the heart of Alsace which can be found along the Rhine River. We are delighted to have added their elegant and fruity 2013 Pinot Blanc to our ever growing wine list.

The vineyards were originally developed on the hills of Altenberg de Bergheim by Charles Lorentz Sr, and they have now grown to an entire 85 acres across the northeast of France. As the Alsace region sits between the Voges Mountains and the Rhine River, the landmarks allow for an ideal climate in which the white grapes will grow.

The Pinot Blanc carries expressive and charming aromas to the palate with a hint of citrus fruits and white flowers amongst it. It is both a light and fruity wine, of a light gold colour, with a dry yet soft and elegant finish.

The vineyards have been passed down through generations of the Lorentz family and they are proud to have created such well-balanced, dry wines that compliment the cuisines so sublimely around the 55 countries it is sold within.

Pinot Blanc is not only a wine that is great on its own but one that compliments both hot and cold appetisers, especially mussels and other seafood plates as well as salads and white meat.