Wine in Glass

We cannot showcase all of the wonderful wines produced globally, but we could not help but include this beautiful wine in our new updated wine list. Herbert Hall Brut NV comes from the South of England and is fast becoming a new favourite at Loch Melfort.

Handmade in the ‘traditional method’, Herbert Hall is a sparkling wine grown organically in Kent, with a blend of three varieties of grape coming together to produce this elegant and complex wine. The vineyard is surrounded by very old hedgerows, which combines with the tough soil to produce small but very intense berries.

To create the intense fruity flavour, a small portion of the wine is fermented in old oak barrels, which doesn’t add any oak flavouring to the wine, but does add a roundness and complexity to the final blend.

A pale straw like colour, Herbert Hall Brut is another full on fruit wine, with light floral notes on the nose and an intense pure fruit palate, with overtones of hazelnut.

We like to pair this beautifully balanced and well structured wine with shellfish or white meats.

White wine in glass