small white house infront of a mountain shrouded in mist

The beautiful Highlands have long since left visitors in awe of their majesty, but did you know this area of Scotland has stories that will make your spine tingle with fear?

We have compiled our favourite tales from the surrounding areas, just in time for the spookiest night of the year, Halloween.

The Ghosts of Inveraray Castle

Only an hour’s drive from Loch Melfort (and great for a day trip) Inveraray Castle not only has two resident ghosts but also a phantom floating ship!

The story of the first ghost goes that a boy was caught spying on the lady of the house and sentenced to the gallows. The young Irish harpist’s spirit is said to haunt the MacArthur room in the castle, where it’s rumoured harp music can be heard. Other reports have included a feeling of dread or unease that washes over people when they enter the room. To further cement this tale of horror, when the popular TV show ‘Most Haunted’ visited the castle, a chair was thrown across the room!

Ghost number two is said to be that of the ‘Grey Lady’, a spirit only seen by the Duke’s daughter.
The vision of the floating ship, ‘The Gallery of the Lorne’, appears when a Duke dies, sailing near the shores of Loch Fyne and disappearing into the horizon.

Haunted battlefields at Glencoe

Gorgeous Glencoe is a must-see destination for those visiting Scotland; a picturesque drive not far from the Argyll coast.

the area’s dark history includes the Jacobite massacre in 1692, when the Clan Campbells killed their hosts, the Clan MacDonalds. Hillwalkers and visitors alike have reported seeing re-enactments of the gruesome battle and hearing blood-curdling screams.

The Glencoe landscape is spectacular and the visitor centre here will be of special interest to those with a love of Scottish history, in particular, the dark tales of the Highland Clearances

Witchy goings-on across the Isle of Mull

Located across the waters from the Argyll coast, The Isle of Mull has many ghostly tales!

The most popular is that of Mackinnon’s Cave, also famous for being the longest sea cave in the entire Hebrides. The cave’s supernatural goings-on revolve around a piper who went exploring and failed to impress a female ogre (or fairies, depending on who you speak to) with his bagpipe playing. The ogre took the piper’s life as payment for her displeasure, however, she spared his dog (who now often appears at the cave’s entrance alone and hairless). Thereafter, the cave became known as MacKinnon’s Cave, named for the unlucky piper.?

Mull is also said to be the home of a breed of Scottish witches, who were well respected and called upon by villagers at times of need.

The most famous of the Scottish witches was Cailleach Bheur, who was said to keep eternal life by bathing every 100 years in the icy cold waters of Loch Ba. Legend has it that (for the spell to work) she had to bathe in the waters before the animals had risen. However, on one such morning, she overslept. When she arrived at the shores, a local dog was already there, barked at her, and she crumbled to dust.

The ghostly piper of Duntrune Castle

Located on north side of Loch Crinan in Argyll, Duntrune Castle is thought to be the longest continuously occupied castle in Scotland. It’s nestled in the Polloch Estate and is another spooky location in the Highlands haunted by a piper.

Legend has it that the piper was trying to gather defence secrets from the infamous Clan Campbell. When his plan was discovered, he was imprisoned in the tower. In an attempt to warn his master (an Irishman called Coll Ciotach), he gave a blast on his bagpipes. Infuriated, members of the Clan Campbell cut off his fingers and left him to bleed to death. His pipe music is said to be heard floating over the castle.

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