A smile frames any world class experience. That is why the staff at Loch Melfort Hotel can all be found smiling on Smiles of Britain site to show how important they take their customer service roles and how a smile can go a long way in making your stay that little bit special.

As David McHattie, chief executive of the National Skills Academy for Hospitality, explains:

“The role of the National Skills Academy for Hospitality is to seek out the very best training, development and education programmes in hospitality, to recognise and celebrate that excellence, and to lay down the gauntlet for the whole industry to follow their lead.

“As part of this process we want to shine a light on those in our sector who are leading the way in customer service. And, because excellent customer service invariably starts with a smile, we have launched the Smiles of Britain campaign.”

It’s a message which is reinforced by Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London:

“Smiling is not just a display of happiness, smiling also increases happiness. And when someone smiles at us, we tend to smile back, so a smile can be viewed as a ‘gift’ which has a positive physical and psychological impact on the receiver.”

Our staff here at Loch Melfort Hotel have great customer service and are always on hand to help or give a welcoming smile to all that pass through the hotel, in fact two of our staff have been picked as ‘Smile of the day’!

To see the smiling Loch Melfort staff visit our Facebook page.