This week has been a mixture of sunshine and showers, fortunately it looks like there is a high pressure building so we can look forward to real sunshine and warmth. During the past week we have seen the first signs of good feeding arriving in the form of bait balls. This is when small fish gather together in large numbers for safety, however, this is exactly what the larger mammals and seabirds are looking for and we saw porpoises feeding in numbers around the Corryvreckan this week. We are hopeful that these bait balls will continue and get more numerous and then our really large visitors the minke whales will arrive. Although the occasional whale may arrive earlier sightings become more reliable from late May and from then on we will be running our 4 and 5 hour whale watching tours.
Oh and our exciting news about the seals from last week……. we think we have seen our first common seal pup of the season. We will post a photo as soon as we get one.
David Ainsley, Sealife Adventures 
A porpoise surfacing at the Corryvreckan

A porpoise surfacing at the Corryvreckan.