The tides have been building all week and the Corryvreckan has been becoming more spectacular as the week has gone on. We have also noticed more feeding activity in the Corry with lots of seabirds and porpoise around. One of our most impressive seabirds is the gannet, it is the biggest seabird in the North Atlantic with a wing span of up to 2 metres.


A gannet flies overhead in search of fish at the Corryvreckan

A gannet flies overhead in search of fish at the Corryvreckan.


Gannets are amazing in many ways, they have cushioning in their face and chest which acts like bubble wrap protecting them when they dive into the water at speeds up to 100km/hour, this speed when they dive means they can catch fish up to 20mtrs deep. Their nostrils are not external but are inside their beak and they have binocular vision like us so that they can judge distances accurately. Because they eat lots of fish their name has become a term if someone is becoming greedy, but you would be forgiven behaving like a gannet when you have a lovely dinner at Loch Melfort Hotel. We are running trips all the time, don’t forget to ask for your discount on our trips at reception.

David Ainsley,  Sealife Adventures