Here is a picture of two of our local Sea Eagles, all spring they have given us great fly pasts or have looked down on us from vantage points on the hill. These two have again successfully bred with a big strong chick, they are excellent parents and one at least is always around the nest while the other is out getting food. Soon the chick who is practising flapping his wings in the nest will fledge and then we will see all three flying around together as the parents teach it how to feed and fend for itself. Sea Eagles are the largest bird of prey in Britain and have the biggest wingspan of all eagles anywhere in the world, up to 2.5 meters, they are actually more related to vultures than to Golden Eagles. In the wild they typically live for 20-30 years and typically feed on seabirds, fish and carrion. We are very fortunate to have two breeding pairs on our wildlife route and quite often see all four adults and two chicks on trips. We are really looking forward to seeing both chicks taking their first flights, come and join us and share the excitement of seeing these incredible birds around the nest or in the air.  Your receptionist at Loch Melfort will happily phone us up to make a booking.