Here we are at the start of June and things are getting busy on the boat and at sea. We are generally running two trips every day with a choice of length of trip. We have had our first five hour trips which are really popular as you get longer at the hotspots and more time to search for wildlife which may be further offshore. We saw our first manx shearwater and first Osprey of the season recently which is really exciting, this is a sign that summer is really on its way

The Ospreys who breed here spend their winters in West Africa, they mainly nest in trees and use the same nest every year adding to them every spring.   Ospreys have increased in Scotland recently, settling mainly in Perthshire, now however they are moving towards coastal areas and we have had frequent sightings over the last three years. They catch fish either from fresh water lochs or in the sea.  We are seeing one bird in the same spot as it was seen last year, it gives it a great vantage point to swoop down and grab a fish.

The other exciting news this week is that Sealife Adventures have been admitted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame! This is awarded when you win the certificate of excellence for 5 years in a row, we are really grateful to our guests who have written about their experiences with us and so pleased that you are enjoying the wildlife and environment as much as we do.

David Ainsley, Sealife Adventures