Here we are into May already, its been a wee bit chiller than we might like but lots of sunshine and we are now starting to see some changes at sea. There have been a lot more sightings of porpoise which means that their source of food is coming more inshore. Harbour porpoise can be found throughout the northern hemisphere and prefer shallow water less than 500 feet. They survive mainly on small fish and are among the smallest of all the cetaceans reaching an average size of 5 ft.  They can dive  really deep, sometimes to more than 200 metres but they are usually near the surface coming up every 25 seconds or so to breath, they make a very clear puffing noise which sounds like a small sneeze. The Firth of Lorne where we operate is one of the best areas in the UK to see porpoise, we often see them in groups of 15 or more around the boat, we look forward to seeing you on board to share our love of these little mammals.   Other bigger mammals have similar tastes in food and will be following the porpoise inshore, hopefully we will be seeing minke whales soon, we will be operating whale watching 5 hour trips from the middle of May, these trips take more time offshore to look for whales and Davids knowledge of the hotspots for whales gives you the best chance of seeing these amazing creature.

David Ainsley, Sealife Adventures