Another cracking week out on the boat, the weather was just amazing, blue sky and calm seas. The start of the week saw is running our Whirlpool Specials, these are run when the tides are at their biggest and the whirlpool will be most impressive. This week we had huge spring tides and even when the sea was calm all around, the whirlpool was still amazing. We are also continuing to see the Sea Eagle parents in and around the nests, great sightings to be had. Because of the sun the seals were taking the opportunity to bask and relax between feeding, the big tides were catching out some of the lazier ones and they were just sticking their noses above the water but refusing to get off their rock! Big thrill this week was seeing bottle nose dolphins, they were jumping and playing which made us think they were probably young lads showing off!
Hope to see you out with us soon, remember Loch Melfort guests will get a 5% discount when they book through the hotel.
David Ainsley, Sealife Adventures