The Scottish Beaver Trial has announced the exciting news that the fist beaver kits have been born. Although they are a few months old, they have only recently been spotted as beavers are shy and mainly nocturnal, and the young kits typically emerge from the lodge after a few months.

Two kits from different families have been seen exploring and foraging around the Knapdale lochsides with their parents and also swimming confidently. There is the chance that there might even be more kits elsewhere that haven’t left their lodges or been spotted yet as they are even more reclusive than the adult beavers and are hard to spot because they are so small.

The Trial organisers have asked wildlife lovers visiting the area not to get too close to the lochsides in the coming weeks so as to minimise disturbing these sensitive and fascinating animals.

For more information and exclusive pictures of the new beaver kits, visit the website of the Scottish Beaver Trial.