Once again the Scottish Beaver Trial are running guided walks around the Beaver site in Knapdale, near to Crinan Canal and Tayvallich. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm you can be shown around the lochs the 10 or so beavers call home. You will see signs of animal activity, such as gnaw marks on trees and most importantly their dam. If you are lucky you may even see a beaver – now that would be something to write home about!

Located 16 miles, 23 minutes from Loch Melfort Hotel

Tips on Wildlife Watching

  • Clothing – appropriate coloured clothing which will blend into your background will always help not being spotted and disturbing the wildlife, as will clothes that do not rustle. Strong smelling perfumes and aftershaves are a big no no too.
  • Dogs – Although your dog will enjoy a long walk around the countryside, the wildlife will not enjoy their company! You are 10 times more likely to make a spot without your dog as the wildlife will get their scent, or hear any barking, and vanish in a blink of an eye.
  • Binoculars and wildlife spotting guides are the only tools you really need to help you in your search for spotting which ever creature you wish to see.
  • Often the best time to make a spot is at dusk or at dawn. We can arrange a packed lunch to be taken with you if you miss breakfast or book you in for an early dinner before you head out again in the evening.