Hello, my name is Pedro Crespo. I was born and raised in Spain and have lived in Scotland for a year and a half now. I moved to Edinburgh where I studied a postgraduate in Business Management and Marketing at Napier Edinburgh University. I graduated in April and received a placement at Loch Melfort Hotel as Marketing and PR Assistant Manager for 6 months. This is a great challenge for me and will be really useful for my future career. I have never been Argyll before so I am enjoying working at Loch Melfort and discovering many new places in the area.

Today, I have been visiting Kilmartin and took part in a guided walk from Kilmartin House Museum. Kilmartin Glen is one of Scotland’s richest prehistoric landscapes. Over 800 historic monuments, cairns, standing stones, stone circles and rock art dating back over 5000 years have been recorded within this area. The tour was given by James and Rosa with 12 people in the group, although there is capacity for 20. They did an excellent job explaining the historical importance of the area. We saw many historical monuments and they told us many stories about Scottish ancestors. Stone circles were seen during our tour; it is said that the first stone circle dated back to 3000 BC and it was exciting to know that people used to use it as a burial place. Then we saw Temple Wood, and it was fascinating how the stones were left in a perfect circle. Standing stones were our last stop. It was incredible to see how all the standing stones are in a perfect line. James said that the meaning of standing stones are unknown, however, he believes that it could have been used as a territory marker.

Standing stones at Kilmartin Glen, Argyll

Standing stones at Kilmartin Glen, Argyll.

From this guided walk, I have learnt many things about Scotland’s prehistoric history and rich archeological landscape and would recommend to our guests who are interested in finding out more about Scotland’s history.

The guided tour is an easy walk and it takes around two and a half hours every Wednesday at 1:30pm in Kilmartin for free.