Back in July, actor Robson Green stayed at Loch Melfort Hotel whilst filming his latest TV series Wild Swimming Adventure. The purpose of his visit was to swim the nearby Corryvreckan whirlpool, the third largest in the world. Tune in to ITV Tues 15 Dec at 9pm to see if he made it.

Although some serious swimmers such as tri-athletes have attempted this swim, they can only do it when the tide is slack; a 30 minute lull in the ferocious conditions. The surface water bubbles and boils in dozens of small and large swirling whirlpools, huge crashing waves appear out of nowhere creating a noise that can be heard over 10 miles away, and the constant swells, currents and undertows make swimming even on a rare flat calm day extremely hazardous.

Robson Green in the Binocular Lounge

Robson Green in the Binocular Lounge

Taking off from the hotel grounds, Robson took a helicopter ride for an aerial view of the magnificent Gulf of Corryvreckan and the dangerous challenge he faced. Then, a boat out into the whirlpool itself for a closer view before he took to the water.

We know how Robson got on during his swim, but if you want to find out be sure to watch on ITV this Tuesday night.