[first]I have been on a training course for 2 days in Inverarary. The course has been focused on preparing our company to export our services in international markets.[/first]

I have to say that the weather could not have been better Monday and Tuesday. Probably, it was some of the best days in the summer. The speakers were really qualified and did an exceptional job. They have been working in different companies for many years in the export field and international markets. I learnt many important tools during my project so hopefully, it will help me to achieve my results. In the afternoon, we had lunch in the terrace and it was wonderful. Everybody was looking for the sun and high temperatures so we agreed to have our lunch outside instead of inside the restaurant.

Our strategy is to become internationalised in different European countries. I am Spanish so it would be easy for me to develop relationships with Spanish customers although we are also going to focus on France, Germany and Switzerland. At the end of the course, I did a presentation about our International strategy and the speakers suggested some recommendations for the Loch Melfort. I would like to express my gratitude to the speakers of the course for all these recommendations.

I had an amazing time and I could have stayed for 2 more days. I have to say that this placement has been really useful so far and I will keep doing my best in this project. This is a big challenge for me that makes me feel motivated. I look forward to achieving this project at the end of my placement in December. Thank you very much to Rachel and Calum for giving me the opportunity to participate in this course, it has given me some tips about how to organize my international project.