Argyll isn’t the only area to have a thriving population of beavers as the Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire now has its own resident beaver since August. Beavers were introduced to Knapdale in Argyll a short distance from Loch Melfort Hotel in the Scottish Beaver Trial which began in May 2009.

The Knapdale beavers do travel to other lochs other than the ones they were introduced to. However, the Loch of the Lowes beaver is unlikely to be a roaming Knapdale beaver rather one of a number of beavers that already live around the River Tay area that are escapees or were released illegally from captivity.

Regardless of where it came from, as nature lovers and keen wildlife fans, the Loch Melfort team wish the Loch of the Lowes beaver well in its new home.