Peter - Receptionist and Waiter

Peter has worked at the hotel since 2016. He works mainly in reception in the bar. Peter has a passion for Whisky, having visited most of the distilleries round about us, and is an excellent person to talk to if you fancy sampling some of our single malts.

Peter also has excellent local knowledge having lived in the area for 20 years now. He moved here from London because he is an outdoor person and really loves to cycle or take his dogs out for a walk.

Peter has worked in hospitality for most of his life and is a very steadying influence over the whole team, always calm under pressure and always happy to jump in wherever needed, he says his favourite thing about working at the hotel is the chance to meet so many different people from all walks of life and have a good conversation with them.

Peter’s local recommendation: “Visit the small local islands (like Luing or Easdale) to see the real Argyll not just the main tourist attractions”.