Kerry started working with us in early 2017.

We are so grateful every day for Kerry’s can-do attitude, hard work, care, and dedication to the business. Kerry started working in our Bistro and has quickly worked her way up the ranks. Being promoted to Duty Manager in 2020. Kerry is excellent with our younger members of staff, really taking them under her wing and taking pride in bringing them on and making it a happy place for them to work.

Kerry says she loves working at the hotel, the view is amazing, the owners are always so grateful for all we do and to top it off we have the animals which we get to feed. That really makes my day.

Kerry lives a short distance from the hotel in Kilmelford village, she has lived there for 7 years with her family. She says there’s not much around, but it is a beautiful place and she loves living there. Kerry makes us all very jealous when she arrives to work by boat! Originally from Paisley, Kerry has been living in Oban since 2000.

Kerry’s local recommendation: Being out on the water is my favourite past time if the weather is good, it really is beautiful out there. So, if you are looking for something to do, I recommend Jenny Wren Boat Charter or Craignish Cruises.