From her studio in Kintyre Victoria works mainly in oils creating atmospheric paintings of the land, sea and sky.

A keen beachcomber, sand and shoreline are noticeable themes. This combines well with sea kayaking taking her to a variety of coasts and beaches throughout the country. Recent trips have included Orkney, the North West Coast, The Hebrides, St Kilda and of course, Argyll.

Very small paintings are often the finished result of a quickly dashed off sketch arriving at or leaving a beach or even from some brief notes or a word. Larger paintings evolve from series of sketches, which are sometimes made during pauses and stops out kayaking.

Clouds feature strongly too, indeed, any sort of weather particularly the contrasts found before and after bad weather.

She is fortunate to live close to Ellenabeich and the Slate Isles, the source and inspiration for many of the black and white cottages.

Find out more: www.victoriamaxwellmacdonald.com
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