Lucy makes ethically handcrafted jewellery preserving real specimens from the natural world offering you connection to and celebration of the wild magic of nature.

Her jewellery is made from eco-friendly, recycled silver and gold salvaged from waste products. These covered precious metals are ground down and mixed with binder and water into a clay or a paste. The paste is hand painted in many layers onto the specimen, or the specimen is pressed into the clay to create an impression. After drying, sanding and fixing findings, the piece is kiln fired. During firing the water and binder burn away, allowing the precious metals to sinter, leaving pure silver. 22carat gold can be added and the piece then re-fired to sinter the gold to the fine silver. Finally, the piece is burnished and polished by hand.

Alongside making jewellery Lucy works in horticulture and environmental conservation. A wonderful mixture of growing plants and working with a local charity to restore inshore marine habitats on the west coast of Scotland.

Find out more: www.lucyjanewalsh.co.uk
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