By our Head Chef, Richard Young.

Lochaber Meats

It is always good when you find a supplier with knowledge over and above their own side of the fence. This is how it has been since I was introduced to Stewart of Lochaber Larder from Fort William.

Stewart MacLachlan and business partner Andrew Carr are a relatively new venture but they have plenty of experience in catering, having run hotels, bars and restaurants. They understand the importance of maintaining standards to meet customer requirements. This is a vital component for me.

Stewart is indeed a qualified Chef who also lectures at the local college, which is an added bonus as us Chefs are a funny bunch. We very are particular in how our meat is hung and matured. A butchers spec is not necessarily the same as an individual Chefs, so on visting Stewart in Fort William I was pleased to see the amount of fat on the meat. The length of time it had been maturing by default was already the way I would have liked without any extra input from myself.

The beef which Lochaber Larder supply on the bone to us is excellent. The sirloin is exceptional and usually matured for around 35 days. We have moved our breakfast sausage to their homemade pork links. We use Stewart’s beef mince to make our burgers, which has just the right amount of fat and is full of flavour.

We will be increasing the range of products we use from them as the season goes on. Occasionally they get wild boar and we look forward to using the pork they procure.

Good food is all about the quality of the ingredients and I have nothing to worry about with Lochaber Larder – we are In safe hands.

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