By our Head Chef, Richard Young.

Kames Scottish Steelhead Trout

Kames are a family farm, first established by Stuart Cannon in 1972, and have pioneered growing Steelhead Trout in the Scottish sea lochs in and around Loch Melfort since then. They have always been passionate about trout. It’s often overlooked in favour of salmon, but the quality of the Steelhead in particular – which is the same species as the rainbow but migrates to the sea – is just exceptional. Because it has so much space and strong Atlantic currents to really swim against, yet is protected by the Hebrides from the harsh ocean swell, it’s big and athletic, similar to a salmon but firmer and leaner, with a delicacy to it and a sweet depth of flavour. Kames give it the two things it most needs: space, and time to grow at its natural pace.

“We have always loved smoked our fish with our local third-generation family smokers, Ruari and Donald Murray, who do everything by hand – filleting, pin-boning and hand-curing with a dry salt rub, before smoking over oak from retired whisky barrels. It’s the best we’ve ever tasted (and we’ve tasted a lot!)”.

Kames sticks to its family ethos of putting quality and fish welfare above everything. They are passionate about protecting our outstanding oceanic environment and farming for the future, ensuring future generations can enjoy this wonderful fish as much as we do”.

Kames Scottish Steelhead Trout - Loch Melfort Hotel Supplier

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