Hazel Made it Felt

Living in Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland, Hazel’s studio looks out onto hillsides and her daily dog walks take her through soft highland landscapes and passed sea and fresh water lochs. The trees and fence posts are covered in moss and lichen giving a clarity of air and light that adds its own radiance to the colours of landscapes, sea, sky and sunsets. All these feed into Hazel’s work, the colours naturally reappearing.

The pieces she creates are made, primarily, from merino fleece but she adds native fleece to art bringing the natural colours and textures of the landscape in. Many of the wall hangings or garments include silk in their structure and silk tops in the felt, adding texture and strength to the final piece.

Due to the nature of wet felting, every piece is a one off. Each design is created by eye and laid by hand in response to the colours being used or the image behind the design. A unique and beautiful way to bring texture, originality, softness and warmth into the home.

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