On 23 May Scotland saw devastating storms hit the country with damage to buildings, boats and power lines alike. With winds reaching up to 100mph and heavy rainfall, power lines were brought down after trees were blown onto them leaving many places without power for over 24 hours, Loch Melfort Hotel being one of them. In nearby Oban, boats were seen breaking against the usually sheltered harbour with one nearly ending up on the road that leads along the waterfront! Rail companies halted trains, motorways were shut and bridges were closed. So much for the start of summer we witnessed in the heat wave in April.

Along with the power cut, which the Hotel endured with the help of a backup generator and plenty of candles, we also suffered damage to part of the Cedar Wing roof at 2pm on the Monday afternoon. With guests due to check-in at 3pm, it was a frantic rush to find alternative accommodation for those booked into the top floor of the Cedar Wing, which we wanted to vacate until the storm damage had been assessed. From the guests who did stay with us that night we received such comments as “the hotel resembled a scene from Victorian times with the candles and the warm glow from the log fire adding to a very peaceful evening”. All the guests banded together with a real emergency spirit.

Our roof remains intact, watertight and safe, although the jazzy blue tarpaulin covering the initial repair work it is not the prettiest view! However, the main thing guests notice as they arrive down our driveway are the magnificent sea views beyond awaiting them from their rooms!

We will soon begin the final repairs to make our roof good as new and renovate any interiors of rooms that may have been damaged in the storm.