Calm seas

The sea is ever-present at Loch Melfort, and you cannot come to  stay with us without giving in to its charms.  No matter the time of year, you can answer the call of the sea and go and explore our fabulous coastline and islands.   

Loch Melfort is usually associated with yachting, with our free moorings and Chartroom II Bar & Bistro, but there are heaps of other adventures on offer if you are not a sailor. 


Wildlife sea trips are a must and go out all year, sea state permitting.  There are plenty of local boat operators offering day or half day trips along the coast and up to the Inner Hebrides.  The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary near Oban allows you to get better acquainted with a range of sea mammals and rarer species.

Wildlife boat trip


Sea fishing is excellent in the area, with deep sea wreck and reef fishing almost certain to provide a good catch.  Scottish records have been broken in these parts.  Sea angling is free in local sea lochs (the Sound of Kerrera is a good angling spot), and if you don’t want to venture too far, line fishing in the sea just outside the hotel is where you want to be.


Now for something a little more active, sea kayaking and canoeing are a fantastic way to discover the area.  Paddling in the winter in Scotland might sound a little optimistic but the beauty of sea kayaking and canoeing is that they are just as enjoyable in winter as it is in the summer.   You can just wrap up warm and the paddling definitely does the rest.  And if it rains, somehow, when you are already this close to the water, it doesn’t seem to matter so much: the rain just adds to the charm. 

Kayaking on the loch

On a beautiful winter’s day making your way through calm loch and coastal waters, as you admire the still landscapes and wildlife on water and land, is something to behold.  Whales, dolphins, porpoises, basking sharks, sea eagles, peregrine falcons and buzzards, seals and otters can all be spotted around these shores, making a trip out to the sea lochs or to the sea a real treat and a unique experience.  Imagine the quiet and still waters and a seal bobbing up to greet you nearby….


For the hardier folks among us, the local lochs provide perfect ground for wild swimming.  Whilst this is a hobby that the uninitiated need to undertake with the support of a guide, it is another  fantastic way to connect with nature and a great way to burn some calories.  And yes, you do get to wear a wetsuit so it’s not as cold as you might think!  And as dogs are welcome at Loch Melfort, you can bring your companion along for the ride. 

wild swimming dog

After all this exercise, you will be able to come back into the warm embrace of one of our cosy lounges and enjoy excellent food in our restaurants to restore your strength, ready for another day of adventure. 

 Restaurant view to sea