It has been claimed there are four types of drinks: the drink without food; the drink with food; the drink before food; and the drink after food. Luckily, here at Loch Melfort, we are well versed in the fine art of finding you the perfect drink.

The French term apéritif comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to open, to ‘open the meal’ or quite literally to ‘open the stomach’. An aperitif is usually a light, dry alcoholic drink meant to stimulate your senses and sharpen the appetite, making the flavours in your meal even more powerful. The choices for the perfect aperitif are endless, but a cocktail can be perfect. Why not choose our Sea Breeze – the mix of cranberry juice and grapefruit juice with vodka makes the perfect refreshing drink, ideal for sipping as you sit and watch the sunset down across the Loch.

Loch Melfort Hotel Oban Valt Vodka Glasses
If a cocktail is not something you fancy, why not a classic G&T? Adding effervescence to your aperitif – either through tonic or Prosecco – will help whet your appetite. You could even treat yourself to one of the fantastic Scottish gins we have to offer. One of our favourites is Edenmill’s take on an Original Gin. Made in small, usually limited edition batches, Edenmill pride themselves on their innovative streak, with their different gins reflecting the changing seasons. With the addition of the locally grown and foraged botanical seabuck thorn, Edenmill’s gin has fresh and beautifully complex taste, the perfect thing to start your meal off with.

loch melfort hotel oban edenmill gin
If you’re looking for the perfect drink to pair with your smoked sea trout or wild Argyll venison, look no further than our extensive wine list. Whether you’re looking for red, white or rose we cater to all tastes. Why not try the Chateau Musar, a rich, full flavoured red from the Bekka Valley in Lebanon. It’s made from a blend of three different grape varieties, giving it a deep flavour, with hints of fig and prune running through it, along with streak of cinnamon and cedar. So while you relax in the Asknish Bay Restaurant, do so with a glass of your favourite wine in hand.

loch melfort hotel oban whisky
While an aperitif helps open your stomach for your meal, a digestif is considered to be even more important, designed to help your stomach deal with a rich meal. The right digestif can put the finishing touch to a delicious meal, helping you relax. On a col and wild autumn night what could be better than relaxing beside the open fire in the cosy lounge with a post dinner whisky in hand? It’s a popular tradition in Scotland to enjoy a dram after dinner, so we have a fantastic selection of Malts to choose from. A local favourite is the Oban 14 Year Old Whisky. Found on a quiet cobbled street in Oban, it is one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries in Scotland, but this hasn’t stopped it having a strong reputation. The 14 Year Old is both creamy and smooth, having a honeyed and fruity flavour, with only muted peat undertones.

No matter the drink you’re looking for, our staff are always on hand to help you find the perfect drink to relax with.