Situated 10 minutes drive outside St Andrews, Edenmill is Scotland’s only combined brewery and distillery. Taking its name from the near-by river and estuary, Edenmill Gin prides itself on harnessing the benefits of their location and gathering some of the wild botanicals growing around them.

Everything is done by hand, making it a very personal process and meaning that each batch produced is unique. This allows for more experimentation and innovation during the production process. Edenmill prides themselves on this innovation, with each gin being made in small, usually limited edition batches. Their gins reflect the changing seasons, utilising the available produce and keeping customers coming back again and again as their curiosity and interest in each new batch is piqued.

Each gin at Edenmill reflects their experimental and innovative ethos, with 5 gins being made so far. Our personal favourite is their take on an Original Gin.

loch melfort hotel oban edenmill gin original

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a unique take on a classic. Alongside the usual juniper, angelica and citrus peel, is the addition of sea buckthorn berries. A locally grown and collected botanical, the berries are very unusual and not widely used within gin distillation. They add a freshness to the gin and their interaction with the lemon balm and bitter citrus creates a complex spirit that is still lovely and light. One of the ways to serve this for the perfect twist on a classic G&T is with tonic and either lime or pink grapefruit.

This gin is a perfect example of incorporating locally grown, unusual botanicals with traditional gin flavours, creating a gin which is rich in character, and highlights the innovative nature of Edenmill.

loch melfort hotel oban edenmill gin original glass