From the Arbikie Distillery, which overlooks the Lunan Bay in Angus, in the Scottish Highlands, comes Arbikie Potato Vodka, a firm favourite at Loch Melfort.

A common mistake that people tend to make is thinking that all Vodkas are made from potatoes. Although this may have been true in the past, today the main ingredient in Vodka production is grain. This is because it is both cheaper and easier to use grain instead of potatoes.

To the untrained palate, some may argue that there aren’t any real differences between grain vodka and a potato vodka, but Arbikie do not believe this to be true. Whilst grain vodka tends to be distilled in way that can cause a burning sensation at the back of the throat when taken straight, potato vodka is inherently different. The blend of the potato varieties, could with the different processing and distilling techniques used, help enhance the flavours and creates a different drinking experience.

Arbikie use ingredients which are available on their farm, with all of their potatoes grown in the farm fields; Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra are blended together to give Arbikie Potato Vodka its creamy taste that we love here at Loch Melfort. The potatoes are picked when they are at their best, ensuring their creamy character stays alive in the bottle, with the premium gluten-free vodka being created using their unique potato blend and water filtered down through the Angus hills. In keeping with their use of local products, all of the fermentation, distillation, bottling and labelling take place onsite too, meaning everything is truly local.

Arbikie Potato Vodka has an ultra-smooth and velvety taste, with creamy and toffee like characteristics, and hits of green apple on the nose. Best kept in the freezer and served with a lemon twist, Arbikie Potato Vodka pairs easily with fresh fish and various seafood dishes.