May is Whisky month in Scotland and we are rather excited as whisky is something we are pretty passionate about. Loch Melfort is situated in the midst of a fantastic whisky-producing region, with no less than 14 world-renowned distilleries within easy access, and we get to talk local whisky quite a lot.

We are also passionate about a range of whiskies from across the Highlands and Islands and thought we’d tell you about some of our favourites here.

We are starting this week with a whisky Rachel is quite partial to, Glengoyne.

loch melfort hotel oban whisky glass
Glengoyne is made about 40 minutes out of Glasgow, in a beautiful spot next to a hidden glen and a waterfall, with faraway views of Loch Lomond. You can wander around the grounds after visiting the distillery if you take a tour there.

Glengoyne’s Collection ranges from a 10-year to a 25-year old malt, as well as the Cask Strength, non-chill-filtered, traditionally matured and bottled.

Fruit, nuts and spice are a constant in Glengoyne Whisky, with the notes varying according to age and maturation, from the smooth, fruity and sweet 10-year-old (toffee, brazil nut, liquorice) which pairs effectively with oysters, to the intensely spiced and oaky 25-year-old (brown sugar, cinnamon, marmalade, walnuts) which works wonderfully with glazed ham.

Our favourite is the 21-year-old: rich, sweet, spicy, with notes of cinnamon, honey, apple. Glengoyne refer to it as Christmas Cake-like and we reckon that is about right. It is an award-winning whisky and perfect for a celebration.

We are not going to go on too much about it, you really just need to try it. Discover and enjoy (with moderation).

loch melfort hotel oban glengoyne whisky