Did you know George Orwell wrote “1984” on the Isle of Jura? It was not the most glamorous or happy of stays but he loved the wilderness and remoteness of the island.

Remote and wild, Jura is and in 1963, there wasn’t much going on there apart from a small community and a derelict distillery. Said derelict distillery was rebuilt and restored and has been producing fabulous and award-winning whisky ever since.

loch melfort hotel oban jura whisky
Jura Whisky refer to Jura Origin as “where it all started” when the distillery came back to life and they added to the Celtic symbol for birth and beginning to the bottle as a reminder.

Jura Origin is matured for 10 years in casks and is a very easy-drinking malt. If whisky isn’t something you are familiar with, you might want to try this one for size first. It has a sweet palate and its island birthplace can felt through hints of brine on the tongue.

Pre-dinner drinks should be the timing of choice for this lovely malt (after all, it is called origin), and its sweet, warm, honey-ish hints work well with seafood (scallops anyone?), cheese and pudding. Time for you to try this multi-award-winning whisky, you won’t regret it.

loch melfort hotel oban jura whisky 2