Frequently Asked Questions

“sands. .To help make your stay as relaxing as possible we have answered the most common questions we get asked at the hotel.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

General Hotel Questions

What time is check in and check out?
Check in is 3pm and check out is 11am.

Does the hotel have a car parking?
Yes, we have ample parking space at the front of the hotel, free of charge.

Do you have an electric car charging station at the hotel?
Yes. Our E-charger car point can be found in the car park. For more information visit chargeplacescotland.org.

Does the hotel have moorings for boats?
Yes, we have 4 moorings. The maximum sized boat allowed is 40ft and 15 tonnes.
View Mooring Co-ordinates.

Is the hotel dog friendly?
Yes, we have 9 dedicated Pet-Friendly rooms. Dogs are allowed in all public areas except one part of the restaurant. If you have allergies, let us know and we will make sure you are seated here. The lounge bar, café, gift shop and deck room are all dog friendly.

Do 100% of tips go to the staff?
Absolutely, all tips from our 10% discretionary service go into a tronc scheme and are divided equally between every staff member, no matter the department, once a month. Any cash tips left for the team are distributed as instructed, or evenly by management. 

What time is your gift shop open?
The shop is open 11am – 5pm.

Is the hotel environmentally friendly?
Yes, we are a ‘Green Tourism’ business. Find out more about our environmental policies.

What can I do in the area when I visit your hotel?
Our website has a comprehensive directory of things to see and do in Argyll during your visit to Loch Melfort Hotel. We also have a tourism leaflet stand in reception. You can also ask our team for their own suggestions of hidden gems in the area.

Bedroom Questions

I can’t get my door to lock – How do I lock it?
Just lift the handle up to 12 o’clock, let it go, and then turn the key towards the closest side of the door. For bedrooms with balconies, the doors open/close the same way.

Do I have to have my towels washed every day?
If you would like your towels to be washed, please pop them in the bath/shower.

Is there somewhere I can put wet clothes to dry?
We will happily dry your clothes for you (free of charge) in our boiler room (which gets very warm). Just ask our team.

I don’t want my room serviced, is that ok?
That is absolutely fine, just put out a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. If you need top ups of anything – milk/tea/coffee/water/teacakes – just contact reception in the evening and they will do it for you

I’m going to be out late – how do I get back to my room?
Reception is manned from 8am-11pm, we do lock the front door for security from 11pm to 7.30am. If you need access to a room in the main house during these times, please ring the bell at the front door and the overnight manager will come and let you in. The Wi-Fi password is also there for people who need to make a call to us and don’t have a phone signal. If you are staying in the sea-view lodge, just take your key as you have your own front door. If you are checking in after 11pm please let us know and we will send you remote check in details before you arrive.

Do you have a laundry service?
Yes, we will get your clothes back to you by 3pm next day – there is a slip and a bag in your room that you fill in and hand into reception. Ask our Reception team for prices.

Are all your rooms dog friendly?
No, not all rooms. We have 9 pet friendly rooms in the sea-view lodge. If you require a dog friendly room when booking online please ensure your room has “pet-friendly” in the title. If it does not state ‘pet-friendly’ then it does not allow dogs. If you are struggling to find a room please contact us directly and we can see if there are any swaps we can make to get one for you, or put you on the cancellation list.

The water from the bathroom is a little brown. Why is this?
As part of our efforts improve sustainability across the hotel, our water supply comes from a local spring behind the hotel. We use filters and UV treatment to produce the freshest spring water direct to each room. Whilst this ensures the water is particularly clean and safe, it sometimes does not remove all natural colouring. We assure guests that our Highland water is completely steralised and fit for use.   

Dining Questions

What time is the restaurant open?
Breakfast: 7.30am – 9.45am
Soup, sandwiches and cakes 11am – 4pm.
Lunch: 12pm – 2:45pm
Dinner: 6pm – 8:45pm
View more information on dining at Loch Melfort.

Do I have to book dinner and breakfast times before arrival?
It is highly recommended as we are very busy, we will always fit you in but if you pre-book you will end up with a time that suits you. For your convenience, if you haven’t booked a table pre-arrival, our friendly team will remind you to book when you check in.

Can I reserve a window table?
We allocate the window tables on a first come, first serve, basis. However, do feel free to chat to the host at the time of your booking and they can usually arrange for you to wait in the lounge until one is free.

Can I order from either the bistro or the restaurant menu?
Yes, you are free to mix and match. View Menus.

Can you cater for my dietary requirements?
We have gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan menus and, for all other restrictions just let us know before you arrive, and Chef will be happy to agree something that suits. View Menus.

What our customers say

As part of our commitment to improve customer service and exceeding expectations, we provide all of our guests with comment cards in their rooms. Here’s what people recently had to say … 

“This was our first visit to Loch Melfort and we had a wonderful time – great room, friendly staff, fantastic food and a view that you would never tire of -thank you!” – May 2022

“We have had a very restful and enjoyable stay here at this amazing hotel in this lovely part of Scotland. We are amazed by the staff and the positivity at all times” – May 2022

“Thank you so much, we had a very enjoyable stay. Staff super friendly and helpful. Great food. Amazing location”.

Hotel Guest, November 2020