You could drive the entire coast of Argyll and you wouldn’t once be disappointed, there are breathtaking experiences to be had, here on the West Coast.

Argyll is home to some of the most scenic beaches here in Scotland. Ostell Bay, for instance (also known as Kilbride bay), is a perfect place for a relaxing day out. The incredible crescent beach is perfect for dipping your feet, admiring the views of the Isle of Arran across the water and watching out for an appearance from familiar wildlife – seals, otters and porpoises.

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After a day on the beach you could head to the Oystercatcher for a drink while you watch the beautiful sun setting over the water on Otter Bay and admire the mesmerizing colours. Stay until dark and you can enjoy a sky full of stars on a clear night, no light pollution to get in the way and if you’re lucky, maybe even a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights.

It’s not only the beaches on the coast of Argyll worth visiting, the Islands are ideal getaway spots too. A day out on Bute is highly recommended for those interested in extravagant architecture and magnificent gardens, it is also only a short 5-minute ferry from the mainland. Woodland walks, wildlife watching and soaking up rich history in Rothesay Castle and the Bute museum.

Loch Melfort Oban Hotel, Explore Argyll, Bute ferry

From here you can head back up and round to the smaller islands of Ellenabeich, Luing and Scarba and of course the famous Jura and Islay.

For the whisky enthusiasts among us, Jura and Islay will be worth your while. Home to some of the most well-known and popular whiskies in the world with eight active distilleries on Islay and one on Jura. Islay had in fact a dozen active distilleries running during the 19th century, immerse yourself within the history and of course, tastings are necessary!

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You could take a boat tour (and your camera) around the secluded coves and along beautiful beaches while spotting fascinating wildlife of the coast. Keep an eye out for seals, otters, sea eagles and even porpoise and basking sharks. You may even be so lucky to spot minke whales, bottlenose dolphins and many more remarkable animals. Head to Jura to spot the large population of red deer that will be headed down from the hills for winter.

Argyll is a gold mine for stunning scenery, wildlife watching and so much history. There are endless places to see and things to do and our hotel, Loch Melfort, is right in the heart of it.