Loch Melfort, Oban Hotel, Autumn colours

As Summer comes to an end and Autumn stretches ahead, we start looking forward to perfect sunsets and crisp early mornings. This is a time of change when Scotland and Argyll put on their best autumnal show. Look out for the classic beech trees turning to a beautiful golden orange and the squirrels packing up for winter.

With Arduaine Gardens next door, we get to admire the new (and surprisingly many) autumn flowers coming into bloom and watch as the colours slowly change. In order to catch the golden colours at their best, pick a day when the sun is shining bright and the previous evening was a frosty one. As the gardens are open all year, there is always something in flower for you to see.

Loch Melfort Oban Sunset, Boats

As the rutting season begins and the deer come down from the hills, you may find yourself lucky enough to see the stags and bucks locking antlers to attract their female companions – don’t forget to keep yourself at a good distance however not to disturb them or put yourself in any danger. Also, if you listen carefully you may be able to hear the red dear roaring at night. There’s plenty of woodland walks near by Loch Melfort where you could spot these magnificent animals.

Autumn is definitely the perfect time of year to go blackberrying: nothing can beat some homemade jam or delicious crumbles (just excuse the prickled fingers). The berries that grow during this time of year are also a perfect treat for birds, mice, hedgehogs and other animals living amongst the woodland areas so you’re in for a perfect wildlife watch too. If you’re lucky enough to find a beautiful horse chestnut tree, you can start collecting some fine-looking conkers. Use what you’ve collected and enjoy a good old-fashioned game!

Loch Melfort Hotel Oban, Aurduine gardens, giant lillies

If you’re a bird watching enthusiast then be sure to keep an eye out for any flocks heading over to their woodland roosts this Autumn. You may even catch a glimpse of the geese migrating from the Arctic where they will spend the winter over here with us.

We have all of this beauty just sitting at our fingertips here at Loch Melfort so come along and don’t miss out!