Loch Melfort Hotel Environmental Statement


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Since we purchased the hotel in September 2008, we have strived to minimise the harmful effects and maximise the beneficial influences which our activities have on the environment. We are actively aiming to introduce as many environmentally friendly initiatives as we can.

In December 2008, Envirowise (on behalf of the Scottish government) carried out a Green Tourism Business Scheme Survey of the Hotel, outlining the measures needed to gain accreditation. We have since carried out many other recommendations, including
re-insulating the Sea View Lodge and installing triple-glazed windows.

As proof of our commitment to the environment we have already implemented many measures including:

  • We replaced our two older boilers with a 150kW wood pellet boiler, which uses locally sourced Scottish wood pellets to help improve sustainability. Our new installations provide a carbon saving of over 76 tonnes per year, the equivalent to boiling over 3 million kettles!
  • To accompany our new pellet boiler, we’ve added a 20 tonne wood pellet store, helping to reduce the number of deliveries needed to our remote location.
  • Purchasing quality local produce from as close to Arduaine as possible. So, turning ‘Food Miles’ into ‘Food Metres’. Our Head Chef also seeks out farmers who undertake the close cycle system, where the animals are born and bred on the farm never leaving until ready for the abattoir. All our seafood is as local as can be, with langoustines, lobsters, and crab landed in Argyll.
  • Our Staff are made fully aware of our sustainable ethos when joining the company and are encouraged to suggest new ideas.
  • Sub-contractors and suppliers are made aware of our environmental ethos.
  • We have resourced Scottish luxury bathroom miniatures and use refillable pump dispensers in our main house lavatories, helping to reduce plastic bottles to landfill by 97%.
  • Low energy light bulbs have replaced 90% of bulbs. A specialist consultant has undertaken an inspection and audit on all lighting. Radiators have thermostatic valves enabling staff and guests to control the room temperatures. We have installed light sensors in many areas of the main house.
  • Our water supply comes from a local spring behind the hotel. We use filters and UV treatment to produce the freshest spring water direct to each room. We have replaced the original sewage system, and our organic reed bed sewerage system has been recently replaced too.
    When toilet cisterns come up for renewal they are replaced with smaller dual flush cisterns. We are working on reducing flush volume from 7 litres to 6 litres in all our toilets.
  • Old linen is recycled to friends, family and anyone else who needs it; otherwise it goes into a charity textile bin at Kilninver School. Towels are used in the kitchen or for cleaning.
  • All refuse is split into general and recycling to comply with local authority guidelines. Kitchen vegetable waste is recycled to our own purpose built compost pens.
  • Wildlife – seals, otters, herons and many different types of marine birds can be seen in the sea water in front of the hotel, along with Buzzards, Osprey and Sea Eagles which circle frequently in the local area. To make the garden wildlife friendly we have tried to ensure it offers a variety of habitats. Shelter, places to breed, feed and take water are all available and the pollen from the flowers at the neighbouring Arduaine Garden means that birds, insects and butterflies are easy to spot. Our bird feeder in front of the dining room keep both birds and guests happy, with plenty of unusual varieties to spot – look out for our very own bat box placed in the woods next to the Sea View Lodge. We had to re-house a colony of bats there in July 2011, after discovering them in our boiler room after a storm blew the roof, and their home, away! They are happily settled now.
  • Loch Melfort has its own goats – Bramble and Thistle and Highland Cattle – Campbell, MacDonald and Dougal – who keep the grass in the fields well cropped and fertilized.
  • We use natural products whenever possible using local craftsmen and artists. We engage local tradesmen for all our building work and restoration projects and source all replacement products using the recycle, restore, refurbish ethos.
  • We recently installed our first E-car charge point. We can now be found on the official Charge Place Scotland map.

Loch Melfort Hotel complies with all relevant legislation and regulations that relate to heritage, health & safety and the environment. We are committed to continually improving our environmental efforts, our prevention of pollution and the restoration of our heritage as well as maintaining and running a high-quality country house hotel and restaurant.

Green Tourism’s GreenCheck

In 2021, we carried out a sustainability project with Green Tourism’s GreenCheck to analyse our environmental efforts and gain accreditation as a Green Tourism Business. Part of the process was to create a Green Action Plan. We are delighted to have received a ‘very high’ Silver Award from Green Tourism, an organisation that promotes sustainability in the tourism industry. It was expressed that we achieved an ‘exceptional score’ for a first-time applicant, an achievement we are very proud of! We will now continue to work with Green Tourism year on year, to help us improve further and work towards a Gold award.

Would you like to help when you are staying with us?

If so, please consider turning off all lights and your television when you are sleeping or out of the room, turn down the heater if it is too warm rather than just opening the window – even little things help. Guest refuse can be split in to the segregated areas of all our bins – larger items can be disposed of in the bins at the bottom of the Sea View Lodge stairs.

Please don’t leave any rubbish on the beach and if you see any plastic please pick it up and dispose of it in the appropriate bin at the hotel. Any suggestions, too, are very welcome – we are open to new ideas even if we are unable to implement them straight away.

“Amazing views, amazing food, amazing staff! We loved every minute!”

Hotel Guest, Sept 2020