International Coastal Cleanup Day is fast approaching, with people from all over the world getting involved in Ocean Conservancy’s global beach clean up on the 15th September. It’s becoming the norm for us to see everyday images highlighting the build-up of plastics and garbage in our oceans and seas. These shots, alongside grim pictures of wildlife washing up on the shores, are a regular occurrence in our newspapers and social media feeds. Scotland’s West Coast offers up some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we are keen to keep them clean and free of plastic pollution. Here’s our top 5 ways to get involved in Coastal Cleanup Day.

1. Get involved in the Great British Beach Clean

The Great British Beach Clean is the UK’s biggest shoreline clean-up project. Organised by the Marine Conservation Society, it hosts tons of beach clean up volunteer days across the UK to coincide with Coastal Cleanup Day. Over on the Isle of Mull (a lovely day trip from Loch Melfort) Laggan Sands , a stunning beach known for its abundance of wildlife, is holding a volunteer cleanup day on the 14th September. A bit closer to home in Arrochar (approx 1.5 hours drive from Loch Melfort) there are two beach cleanup events taking place on the 14th and 15th September.  The cleanup events provide all volunteers with a co-ordinator and gloves. Search for an event in your area.

beach clean up

2. Buy a 4ocean bracelet

If you’re unable to get out and about to help at a cleanup day, why not get involved by purchasing one of 4ocean’s awareness bracelets? Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of rubbish from the ocean and coastlines and all of them are made from 100% recycled materials. Recycled glass bottles are used to make the beads, whilst the cords of the bracelets are made from recycled plastic water bottles! The perfect gift for an Eco-conscious loved one.

3. Organise an education day

Education is such an important tool when it comes to keeping our beaches clean for future generations. Teaching children about where their plastics go after they’ve binned them can be made enjoyable with an educational day out or indoor activity day. ‘Garbage’ crossword puzzles, maps for a ‘how trash travels’ talk and ‘what doesn’t belong in the ocean colour pack’ are just a few of the free print out templates on the Ocean Conservancy website.

kids plastic education

4. Take a bin bag on your beach day out

Did you know that for The Ocean Conservancy project alone, over 500,000 volunteers took part in volunteer cleaning days across the globe? They collected almost 14 million pieces of rubbish! If everyone were to take just one bag to fill with garbage on each of their trips to the beach, imagine how much cleaner our beaches could be.

5. Organise your own coastal clean

Feeling motivated? Why not organise your own coastal clean day at your nearest beach? Social media can be a wonderful tool in helping to promote your event – whether it be over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Ask your co-workers or local gym buddies to get involved or, if your aiming for a bigger group, reach out to local schools and social clubs.

beach cleaning

To get people excited about your event, take lots of pictures of the beach you aim to target and speak to people who might use this location a lot. Dog walkers, walking groups, beach sports groups. Local businesses along the beach areas may also be keen to get involved and some might offer a prize to the person who collects the most rubbish. Give people a reason to want to get out and get involved in coastal clean-up day!

International Coastal Cleanup Day – Free Tea, Coffee and Cakes at Loch Melfort on 15th September

Collect a bag from the hotel, fill it with rubbish from the beaches around Loch Melfort and return it to our Bistro to claim a free tea or coffee and a piece of home baking. Just a little way we can say thanks!

Did you know that Loch Melfort Hotel has stunning views over Asknish Bay and the Sound of Jura? With that in mind, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment so that our guests cans experience Scotland at it’s best. Read more about our environmentally friendly initiatives.