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New Beaver Introduced to Knapdale

A new male beaver named Christian was released successfully into a Knapdale loch by the Scottish Beaver Trial on September 21. The hope is that he and a female beaver, Trude, already living on the loch will form a breeding pair, increasing the breeding population in the area. The main indicator that they have formed ...

New Beavers Introduced to Knapdale Forest

On May 4, the Scottish Beaver Trial released into the wild a further two beavers (one male, one female) at a secret location in Knapdale Forest not far from Loch Melfort. In May 2009, 11 beavers were released and are thriving in their new home and it’s hoped that the new additions will quickly and ...

First Lodge for Scottish Beavers

The beavers that were introduced to Knapdale Forest in May have built their first lodge. This exciting development shows that the beavers are settling in well to their new Scottish home. The lodge is essentially a shelter for the beavers when they are not in the water and is made from branches and earth which ...