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End of the Building Work, Start of the Sun!

We blogged recently about the damage we received to our Cedar Wing roof after the storm at the end of May. We are happy to report that the work is now over and we are back to operating as normal. We are now hoping to make the most of the rest of the summer season ...

Hotel Survives Surprise Summer Storm!

On 23 May Scotland saw devastating storms hit the country with damage to buildings, boats and power lines alike. With winds reaching up to 100mph and heavy rainfall, power lines were brought down after trees were blown onto them leaving many places without power for over 24 hours, Loch Melfort Hotel being one of them. ...

Renovations Continue

Our entrance is getting a revamp with a brand new roof whilst the weather is dry. Fantastic doors handmade by a local carpenter are now in place along with matching wooden window frames. We were so impressed by the new doors’ appearance that the first part of the walkway between the hotel and the Cedar ...